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A piano is a beutifull musical string instrument. The piano was know to be invented by Bartolomeo
Cristofori of Padua, Italy, employed by Prince Ferdinand de Medici as the Keeper of the
Instruments. these men had the drem of createing an instrument that would be loved by everyone.
although Cristofori of Padua was not the first person to invent this facinacinating string instrument
he had invented the modern piano that everyone uses today.
The piano consists of many parts.

Frame: Also known as the plate or harp. This cast iron frame
supports an enormous amount of stressexerted by the string.

Soundboard: The sound of a string vibrating is pretty feeble on
its own. In a piano it is amplified by this large thin wooden
diaphragm glued around its perimeter.

Strings: There are over 200 hundred strings in a piano. Each
treble note usually has 3 strings, the upper bass notes have 2,
and the lower bass notes have only1. This is because the higher
notes are made of thinner strings. If they only had 1 string per
note they would be overpowered by the thicker and louder bass