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Lists of classical music composers by era
Medieval (476 - 1400)
Renaissance (1400 - 1600)
Baroque (1600 - 1760)
Classical era (1730 - 1820)
Romantic (1815 - 1910)
20th century (1900 - 2000)
21st century (2000 - )

Composers are people who generally write music.In certain musical genres, such as popular and
folk music, the term "songwriter" means someone who authors both music and lyrics, but such a
person may also be properly called a "composer." If a songwriter also performs, he or she is called
a "singer/songwriter." composers in other words dont sing or write lyrics they writre music for
operas and orchestras.The composers At the top of the page are just a few of the hundres of
composers in the world.